Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunday at the Lake

Sunday at the lake...

Chase the Wonderdog is a retriever who never retrieves. He mostly chases things, picks them up, drops them and then comes trotting back. We go through a lot of sticks.

But even moreso than not-retrieving, Chase's favourite thing in the world is swimming.

Sometimes Chase makes new friends at the lake. Sometimes those friends are 3-year-old boys.

Fact: dogs and small boys make decisions far too quickly for anyone to be able to react in time to stop them.

Ever so calmly, Chase walked past the wailing boy and towards us.

It was no one's fault. Just an accident.

pre vet visit

post vet visit

Aside from giving us some painkillers, our vet couldn't do much about his four broken teeth. She referred us to a veterinary oral surgeon in the city, who did a fabulous job of patching him up.

Open wide...

Multiple vet appointments, anesthesia, surgery, antibiotics, three kinds of painkillers, follow-up appointments, travel, etc, etc, etc. Thank goodness for the pet insurance we've been paying for since Chase was a puppy, otherwise the bill would have cost us far more than the 700 dollars that we ended up paying out of pocket.

Worth every penny.

It's been exactly one week since Chase's surgery, and he's almost back to normal. One last follow-up appointment to make sure that the stitches dissolved properly, and we'll be done. Still, I figure this has to be one of the most expensive rocks in Eastern Canada right now.

* * * * *

Happy birthday Dad! See? I finally posted. On your birthday.