Monday, February 6, 2012


This post does not include a story. There is no story here.

I will be posting a new Clay Baboons story on Wednesday.

In the meantime, just a bit of housekeeping...

First of all...

You should like me on facebook.


Here's why:

Behind the scenes transformation photos...

Never before seen footage...
(Errr...this pic doesn't actually make any sense at all without the title.)
Things That Are Creepy: a Completely Objective and Unbiased List

Reader special requests...
(Remember Laura: there is nothing to fear but fear itself. And also spiders.)

So yeah...come join me on facebook.

Pretty persuasive argument, right?

And also...

I'm jumping into the Blogging From A to Z Challenge this April! The idea is that bloggers post 26 entries in one month, with each post corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. I won't be posting 26 stories in April. I do have to sleep, after all. But I do plan on posting 4 full weekly stories, and 22 other photos/short blurbs!

If you're a blogger, consider jumping into the challenge! At the time of typing, there are already 508 participants!

And finally..

This past month, many lovely readers have shared my work. I appreciate it enormously!

I wanted to give a shout-out to some bloggers who have given me awards over the past few weeks. Thank you to Socks Without Pairs, Waiting For Little Feet, Tangent Shell, Feeding the Cat and Mothers of Brothers.

And to everyone who has linked to me on Facebook, shared my work on Twitter or linked to me on their blogs...thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm really humbled anytime anyone shares my work. Thank you for spreading the word about Clay Baboons.


  1. YES! yay to FB updates!

  2. I do also write on facebook and have some very important friends and family there but deep down I like blogs and so will stay with your blog not facebook. After all, all this leaping about in cyberspace is very time consuming and I am committed to producing the robot International Olympian Poet by the Olympics as well as an attempt to fill the whole of cyberspace with words.

    Its a very good blog you have well done, and I did see the A to Z thing, but well I'm a rebel and am no good in a Q ( HAH AHHAH HAHAHH HAH HAHAH HHAHAH HHAH HAHH HAHH HAHHAHHAha hah hah hah ah)

    1. Oh. OK then. Good luck with that robot. ;)

      I'm like you...I like blogs more than facebook. But I'm trying to learn! We'll see if I decide to stick with it or not.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! :) Still trying to figure out why I can't comment on your blog...

  4. I like you, I like you! And if I could love you, I would!
    I am intrigued about this blogging challenge...that would give me some good ideas for some cartoon posts for sure!

    1. Ah, but you can love me. Ha! Join in on the A-Z will be fun! I'm planning on choosing a theme for my alphabet "book".

  5. Just to give you more work, I awarded you two more blog awards. Stop on by to pick 'em up.

  6. Why shouldn't I share the fun with everyone I know?!

    1. I love sharing! As you know, from having read my other blog... I`m actually thinking about posting links to other posts on Clay Baboons every once in a while.

  7. I love sharing too! I also like antique furniture, so you may decide that my opinions are suspect.

    But I liked you on Facebook already...

    1. I actually love how antique furniture looks. I'm only really creeped out by antique rocking chairs and baby cradles. Because I think they might be haunted and start rocking by themselve. Logical, right?

  8. thanks for spreading the word about that april challenge, stephanie!! it sounds very cool. will see if i can make it work with blogging three times per week.
    glad you are going to be keeping up clay baboons. and today is wednesday -> i'll check back later for the latest story!

    1. I think you could make it work...but you'd have to do more than one letter per post. I think it will be fun!