Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's Make a Movie

Some people have suggested that I try stop-motion animation. Honestly, while I love watching stop-motion films, the amount of work and patience involved in making them is a bit beyond me. I think I'll stick to stories with still shots.

That said, I have tried my hand at stop-motion animation before, during a teacher's workshop on multi-media storytelling in the classroom. We spent so much time storyboarding and giggling uncontrollably that we ran out of time to take the actual photos; hence, the choppy animation.

In my only speaking part, I voiced the climax of the story: "Noooooooooo...". It's very raw and emotional.

Please note: I apologize for the spoiler. Youtube chose the shocking twist ending as a screen shot. Someone really should have a talk with their trained monkeys.


  1. I had to laugh! It's so generic you can't help but laugh. And I'm not laughing at you but with you!

    I think I would be in over my head if I tried this! Now where's my clay? lol

  2. This is the first time i am watching a stop motion animation.Stop motion is an animation technique that physically manipulates an object so that it appears to move on its own. really awesome.